Get the best price on glasses with TransitionsĀ® lenses, only at Glassesbd

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TransitionsĀ® Lenses

Get the best price on glasses with TransitionsĀ® lenses, only at Glassesbd

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The TransitionsĀ® Lenses

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The TransitionsĀ® Experience

Automatically adapting to changing light, TransitionsĀ® lenses darkened outdoors and return to clear indoors, faster than ever.

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More Photochromic Options

Standard Photosun

  • Anti-reflection
  • Darkens in sunlight
  • Blocks UVA and UVB rays

Blu+ Photosun

  • Anti-reflection & anti-scratch
  • Darkens in sunlight
  • Blocks  blue light
  • Blocks UVA and UVB rays

Photochromic FAQ

TransitionsĀ® lenses are the top performing photochromic lens on the market. They change more quickly than other photochromic lenses and activate up to a category 3 darkness outdoors. Plus, they pack the value of hassle-free comfort, versatility, and protection. They are great if you are looking to make a single purchase because they offer the benefits of clear lenses, sunglasses, and blue-light blocking lenses all in one photochromic package. Zenni is proud to offer the best value for TransitionsĀ® lenses on the market. For more information about TransitionsĀ® lenses, visit

The molecules in photochromic technology work by reacting to UV light. However, temperature can affect the moleculesā€™ reaction time. Colder temperatures mean molecules move more slowly, and it will take longer for lenses to adapt from dark to clear, even on sunny days. Warmer temperatures mean molecules speed up and become more reactive, meaning a faster fade back from dark to clear. Moving from sun to shade in warmer climates, your lenses will be quicker to detect the diminished UV rays and will lighten in color. TransitionsĀ® SignatureĀ® GEN 8ā„¢ļø lenses are more responsive than previous generations: fully clear indoors, darker outdoors, and returning to clear indoors, faster than ever. For more information about TransitionsĀ® lenses, visit

Yes! All photochromic lenses offered at Glassesbd are great options for your general eye health. In addition to blocking 100% of UVA/UVB light, the adaptive, two-in-one nature of photochromic glasses reduces squinting and eye fatigue. For those looking to replace their sunglasses with a photochromic lens, we suggest choosing TransitionsĀ® XTRActiveĀ®, which will also protect your eyes in the car by darkening while you drive and polarizing in direct sunlight for clearer sharper vision.