Zeiss Photofusion X




Key Features:

  1. Photochromic Technology: Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses incorporate advanced photochromic technology, providing a seamless transition between clear and tinted lenses in response to changing light conditions. They adapt quickly to outdoor environments, darkening in bright sunlight and returning to clear when indoors or in low-light conditions.
  2. Exceptional Clarity: Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses offer exceptional optical clarity, ensuring a sharp and clear vision in all lighting conditions. The lenses are designed to minimize distortion and provide a high-definition visual experience, allowing you to see the world with enhanced precision.
  3. Fast Activation and Fade-back: With Zeiss PhotoFusion X, you can experience rapid activation and fade-back times. The lenses darken within seconds when exposed to UV light and quickly revert back to clear when UV light is no longer present. This quick transition ensures comfortable vision without sudden changes in brightness.
  4. 100% UV Protection: Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays, including both UVA and UVB rays. They act as a shield for your eyes, reducing the risk of long-term damage caused by UV radiation.
  5. Natural Color Perception: The lenses are designed to maintain natural color perception, allowing you to experience the world around you in its true colors. Whether you’re enjoying outdoor activities, driving, or simply going about your day, the colors remain vibrant and accurate.
  6. Enhanced Glare Reduction: Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses incorporate advanced technology to minimize glare from bright light sources such as the sun, headlights, and reflections. By reducing unwanted glare, these lenses improve overall visual comfort and enhance your ability to see clearly.
  7. Scratch Resistance: Zeiss PhotoFusion X lenses are treated with a hard coating that provides excellent scratch resistance. This ensures long-lasting durability and helps to maintain the quality of your lenses, even with regular use.
  8. Colors: Available in ZEISS Rx lens designs in the five colors Grey, Extra Grey, Brown, Pioneer, and Blue.

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Zeiss Photofusion X Zeiss Photofusion X
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